Overspeed violations wont coun't my landings

so like a week or two ago I had over sped accidently twice and have 2 level 1 violations, but im still grade 3
and I’ve noticed that I’ve done some flights and landed and it wont count them as landings, it only shows I’ve done 26 landings and just did 2 more flights and it didn’t change the landing count…any Idea why?

** iphone **:
**IOS 16.31 **:

Three reason I can think of:

  1. Do a quick flight on any server, maybe your stats weren’t refreshed
  2. Maybe you did not make a landing from IF’s landing requirements.
  3. Is it possible that you’re looking at the Landings/90days, this can be decreasing if you did a lot of landings more than 90 days ago
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I just did a landing lastnight and today and mabey I landed so smoothly that it dosnt think I toutched down but 🤷‍♂️

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Are the flights you’ve done on Solo?

no. multiplayer/expert server

Alright… If you’re sure that your landing count didn’t move I’d wait for @schyllberg to assist you.

By the way I really don’t think violations and landing count are related.

Ok, so I need to contact him or wait

Wait don’t worry.

Ok I will do that, thanks

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This might sound weird but are you landing on the runway? Maybe you are landing on the edge of the runway due to a strong crosswind?

Have you done anything differently during your landings since the last time it counted your landings?

Here I have pics to prove that landed

That is bona fide runway… so i’m not sure what’s going on :/ although as @Mathurin_Garcier has stated violations shouldn’t have any connections to landing count.

Welp then idk what else to do…🤷‍♂️


The interesting part would be to see exactly where on the runway you touched ground though. That’s what matters :)

Can you share the replay? Screenshots from the moment would do too.

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I’m trying to figure out how to share the replay

You can use sharemyinfiniteflight.com or send it via email at support@infiniteflight.com

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I’m till trying to share it but i can’t send the link

It won’t let me it says it has to be a PNG or a JPEG

I think, (this is totally my opinion btw) that the game is just bugged. I’ve been noticing a few bugs recently or you might need to update the app. Good luck trying to solve this btw.

Ok I think I sent it to the http://sharemyinfiniteflight.com/ let me know if it worked…