Overspeed Violation

Today when I got back from church, I was doing a flight from London Heathrow to Budapest prior to the flyout on the British Airways Airbus A320. My call sign was Speedbird 866 and my display name was Udeme Ekpo. I descended my plane and set my speed to MACH 0.66 and as soon as I got up to take a picture of my gate information and the flight plan, I turned around supposedly at 250 KIAS, I got two violations for Overspeed in flight which was not my fault. And now, I got demoted from Grade 5 to Grade 3 which I am an expert. I know all the rules and if I get more violations, I will feel heartbroken. If any of the moderators can get the system generated violations removed, I will be happy. If not, then I will have to manage being in Grade 3 for a week because I don’t like it when I get demoted. I like to move on and fly professionally and realistically so I can have fun. Thank You.


If you have not already, please go back into your replays and truly evaluate what the issue was. From what it seems though, it sounds like you were descending while at your device and the fault would go to you. If you watch it back and still decide that you would like to appeal them, you may contact @appeals.

Were you using VNAV? Keep in mind that the system will descend you at higher rates as necessary, which may be too steep to lose speed (in fact, it may gain speeds). This comes with the responsibility to monitor your speed and the VNAV system at all times, as to make sure all systems are working and that your flight profile remains the way it should be.

Unfortunately, as this does not seem to be a glitch, it may not be removed. However, if you wish to appeal, you may message @appeals and have your replay ready to be shared.

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I have already deleted the replay but I can take a picture and show them evidence

Well, it is a requirement to have your replay if you wish to appeal it. While you may have screenshots, they aren’t conclusive enough. If you want me to take a look, PM me.

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Just out of pure curiosity, why? Like, I wouldn’t ever delete any replay - what, if any, benefits does it have? I mean, especially if you want to appeal a violation.

Saves space on your device good sir

Oh, yeah, didn’t think of that

It saves virtually no space, a review was actually done… in the future do keep your replays no point deleting them.

Cheers :)

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Just out of pure curiosity, why can’t we PM? We’re clogging the thread and moving off-topic.

Sorry Udeme, there’s really not much we can do as normal users, but if you wish to appeal further, please contact @ appeals.

Don’t wish to argue on this and clog up the thread. PM if it’s something you feel is worth discussing
Cheers :)

Ok, I will contact @appeals

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This was a system violation, meaning you can’t appeal it unless it was a glitch or bug. VNAV can be a troublesom feature. You never want to leave your device while descending.

I copy all my replay files to the cloud. Google drive or amazon drive work fine.
Then since you can at a later date download them, you can delete everything on your device.


Ok, this topic can be closed

As this was a system generated violation and you don’t have a replay available this will won’t be able to get appealed.

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