Overspeed Violation

I was flying from Vegas to Atlanta yesterday and I got 6 overspeed violations in flight.

I’m not sure what’s wrong but the speed bar on the left shows I’m over speeding even at 300 knot.
The red bar went away at around 240 knots yet the “overspeed” sound in the background did not go away until I touched down. Can anyone fix this for me? Thanks!

The sound continuing is a known glitch.

However, there isn’t a bug with receiving the violations. You did receive all 6 while still overspeeding. It’s only the sound that continues after.

This comes down to pilot error. You probably weren’t watching your speed during your ascent or descent which are both part of the important phases of a flight.

Highly recommend that you slow down before hitting that 10,000 foot mark, give yourself a buffer (Hold 11,000 until you get your speed and VS under control) instead of riding that close to the edge of getting a violation or else this will happen again. Simply setting the speed for 240 and deleting the altitude at 10,000 is irresponsible.