overspeed violation due to bug

just now I taxi to 34r in rjaa. I start taxi from maintain 209 to runway 34R, when I turn left at taxi way, the plain start to fall and free falling, when I quit I got 2 violation, can these 2 violations removed? Because it’s not my operation but bug cause violations. I was using ANA Boeing 787-10 ANA1689.

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Sorry to hear about that! Try to get those removed! :)

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Hello! This is a known issue due to corrupted files. Try reinstalling the app and everything should be fine after that ;)

You can PM an ATC Moderator regarding this issue to get them reversed. As it is not caused by pilot error. You can PM either one of these ATC Moderators to reverse the violation :

  • Tyler Shelton
  • Mark Denton
  • Joe

Have a good day! ;)


Thank you very much!

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My pleasure, always nice to help :)

thanks for the info bro!

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