Overspeed stuck on!

Hello everybody! There is an isuue with my flight.
The overspeed sound is stuck on. It doesn’t say “Overspeeding! Reduce throttle or pull the yoke!” It’s just the sound that is on. The red dots are nowhere near the speed I am at, which is Mach 0.84 in a Boeing 737-800.
What I have tried:

  • Actually overspeeding, going into the red dots and back out.

  • Lowering the volume in the settings of IF and then raising it back up.

*Recalibrating my device.

That’s way too fast…


I am only at 286 KIAS, and Overspeed is at about 300 or 301 KIAS.


We’re aware of an issue causing this phenomenon. There’s not much you can do, except lower the volume basically.

The issue is only related to audio, it does not add any additional violations to your account. However, we’ve noticed this usually only happens when you’ve already racked up 6 violations. Hope that’s not the case for you.


I have not gotten 6 violations on this flight i don’t think. But I do think you are right about:

I know I’m right ;)

We’ve investigated this quite a lot and will probably have a fix sometime soon though, but not sure when that will be.


Thanks for the help everyone.

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