OVERSPEED sound stuck on

Hi i’m two hours into Los Angeles to London Heathrow and the overspeed sound is stuck on even though i’m at 40,000 ft and 257 kts please help because i cant play with sound!!!

This is odd and appears to be a random glitch. We’ll keep this here on record for the Development Team to monitor and track. For the time being can you calibrate the device while flying to see if this issue disappears?


Thanks the calibration didnt work i’ll just play on mute for now haha…

Okay, also try these too:

-Mute and Unmute your device sound
-Go into the controls settings and move the Volume Sliders all of the way to the left and then back to the right.
-Try selecting an ATC frequency other than what you are on now if able?

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Is just the sound stuck or is the visual overspend warning present as well?

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