Overspeed signalisation bug

Yesterday I was experienced new bug in A380-800, please look at picture. In flight overspeed signalisation stuck and was still on same IAS. I was made landing and takeoff and bug was still the same. Sure after app restart all was again ok but I am sure that somewhere into the code was bug.

Second, when flying I was lost connection with Live server and this was never restored. I was continued my flight with next 4 landing on the route but never of this landing was calculated in statistics. So next bug. I do not understand why reconect to Live server do not work.


So all the way down it stayed at 283 knots and you got the overspeed warning when going over. It is annoying however 28,000 to 10,000 you don’t need to be going faster than 280 knots. So yes this is a bug but it shouldn’t affect people, unless it does that when climbing

Seems like a coding error in the overspeed red lines. Did you receive any violations from going past the red mark? Also @AndrewRG10 alot of people tend to start their decent a bit early down to FL260 and set their speed to 349 to burn some fuel and increase their GS so it could effect them as well.

I’ve seen others report this issue.
But to my knowledge, we’ve been unable to reproduce it hence making it hard to locate & fix.

So if anyone have a stable way to reproduce it, please report.
Thank you!

When climbing is same, just screenshot I was made when decending.

No violation, no alarm, just wrong red strips.

I do not know, I just can tell you that this happened after few climbing to FL350 and landings. So maybe problem is if you made more than one cyle. You Takoff, climb to FL3xx and than you decend and land without stoping the app.

And maybe this problem ocure when Live server not reconected. But this I cannot test.

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