Overspeed problem

Maybe increase the speed limit… I know a Boeing 777 can fly faster than 350 mph…I’m not sure if it’s like that on purpose or what

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If you flew past that speed IRL, your aircraft would rip itself apart due to the high speeds. Welcome to the forums btw!


Welcome to one of the best communities ;) glad to have you be apart of it too.


There is a big difference between IAS vs GS…


You can easily hit those Mach numbers without going over 350kias.


It ruins the fun there are planes that go faster than 350

Please don’t make the NTSB’s job harder than it already is.

The “over speed” feature is measured by ground speed NOT airspeed. Always check the ground speed when the over speed warning come on.

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I don’t mean to be rude, really.
But what is it that you don’t understand?

No, there aren’t any airliner that go faster than 350IAS.
Faster than 350GS, yes. But that’s a totally different story.

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It has recently been explained by one of the devs.

Overspeed occurs for commercial aircraft at 350knots Indicated Airspeed (IAS) or mach 0.87 when above 10,000 feet. This is a generic number for commercial aircraft and is pretty accurate. It’s actually slightly too high if you want to get too detailed or specific about it.

You are confused firstly with miles compared to knots, and secondly ground speed compared to indicated airspeed. Do some googling my friend and you will have a better understanding of speeds and he realism associated with such in IF.

The staying below 550knts below FL400 is measured in the ground speed

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