Overspeed minimum

Why does your overspeed minimum get lower the higher up you get

As you climb through the atmosphere the air gets thinner thus the minimum will be lower.


Then doesn’t that defeat the purpose of flying higher altitudes in long haul flights in the game

There is a difference between airspeed and groundspeed. While your airspeed decreases, your groundspeed, or motion relative to the ground, increases which causes you to travel faster. The higher the altitude the better in most scenarios but it is always good to make sure you don’t go too high.


So if I go at a high altitude and slow down due to the overspeed minimum the ETE to dest will stay the same?

As long as you are flying at a Mach of around .8-.85 on most modern airliners, it should decrease just a tad.


When flying at high alt its the mach number ya wanna watch. KIAS is good for not much up there.

That’s an interesting statement. It’s only the airflow over the wings it’s not important lol.


Here you go this explains what you are after.

I’ll also add you should never be near the red barber poles on the airspeed indicator.

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MaxSez: Just a related aside; High & Fast… Interesting RW aerodynamic phenomena above M.75+ called “Mach Tuck”. Put the term away for future reference, you may need to understand “MT” at some point and recall it’s effects.

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