Overspeed indication and violations

Whilst normally I don’t really care if someone else flying an A380 at 5000ft decides they’re going to hold an airspeed of 400knots for some insane reason, it can get extremely difficult to time approaches and approach sequencing.

As there’s no over speed indication, it’s very common for the impatient people to fly at jet fighter speeds in a super commercial aircraft such as the A380. This makes it difficult to sequence yourself into final at an airport such as LAX when the pilot behind you is mowing you down from behind at an unrealistic, no absolutely ludicrous, speed.

Is it possible to have the airspeed indicator include the overspeed numbers / markers, and violations given if exceeded for a period of time? I think most people just don’t even realise the overspeed numbers, as there’s no indicator.

For anyone reading who is unsure, as a general rule in commercial aircraft, airspeed should be
<250 knots under 10,000ft
<280 knots under 18,000ft
Over 18,000ft depends on aircraft, but you should be cruising around 0.76 - 0.82 Mach. If you’re under 28,000ft (IF still shows knots, not Mach) it would be roughly 305-310 knots


IF does show Machs at the bottom left of the HUD FYI.

Fully agree with your suggestions though.

As I said in another post, devs could make crash parameters more realistic as this will prevent players trying unrealistic and dangerous approaches (they would most likely crash on landing…)

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I meant on the AP airspeed hold button, you have to select the speed in knots until 28,000

The speed shown to ATCs and other aircrafts is the Ground Speed, not Airspeed.

In the A380 I cruise at 40,000ft and at Mach 1.6

@laurens I am more than aware of that. That’s why when I see their speed being 641knots, at 4000ft, I know they’re well in excess of 250!

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And @bob I didn’t realise the A380 was quicker than the Concorde, and can keep its fuselage in tact whilst doing so…

My point exactly. How ridiculous

I think I am missing or misunderstanding something here. Anybody flying under 10,000 feet and exceeds 260kts for more than 20 seconds begins racking up violation after violation and standing. I don’t know how much standing they lose, but eventually they will get kicked from the server.

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Just now i was doing 36,000ft and Mach 1.10 in an A380. I once got from London-Hawaii in 13hrs and 50min at Mach 1.6 I like going at that speed all this in A380

The A380 cruises at M 0.85.

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Usually after a certain number of violations they went automatically offline.

Whe can’t go faster then 280kts is we are under 18,000ft ? :O

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According to wikepidia, the a380-800 has a cruise speed of 0.85 mach or 490 knots

Yes…the A380 has a cruise speed of M 0.85, like Laurens said…

I go way faster Mach 1.6 to Mach 1.10 in A380

That’s unrealistic and part of the reason why it’s hard for approach controllers to vector you.

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It’s at cruise alt about 40,000ft I slow do to land

Haven’t flown an A-380 in a long time but I remember landing at 175-180?

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@CaptainM because commercial aircraft continue climbing above 18,000ft. Because of the air density, going over 280 - 320 knots (depending on the aircraft) during this phase, whilst climbing at say 1500 to 2000 fpm, would be extremely uneconomical and You’d be up at 90-100% throttle for the entire climb, until eventually not being able to hold that speed and stalling

Personally, I feel IF is solely a ‘simulator’ not a ‘game’. Simulate in loose terms is to copy, be the same as, pretend to do something real. We are ‘simulated’ real aviation. If you want to play a game, there are plenty of crappy child-like flying apps out there for $1 or so…

It’s just my opinion, that’s what these forums are for, but I feel like it’s unrealistic and not simulating commercial flight when people can freely burn around at 1.6mach in an A380, especially when the Devs have put so much effort into the realism in so many other aspects


Hello, thanks for you detailed answer!

I also take Infinite Flight as a simulator, and I am doing my best to follow the real rules.

I never knew we can’t fly above 280kts under 18,000ft. But now, thanks to you I will stop flying this fast under 18,000ft.