Overspeed in Global?

I thought Overspeed would be removed in Global. Overspeed will make Global flight way longer. On long haul flights speed is should be about 500 knots? I don’t get why there is still overspeed?

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You are confusing ground speed with air speed.
What you see on your left side of the HUD, is air speed. Below that, you can see the ground speed and current Mach.

The overspeed warning were never supposed to disappear. It’s actually been tweaked to represent the individual aircrafts speed limitations.


the ground speed restriction has been removed the airspeed/ airframe restriction will never be.

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That means a flights will take as long as they do in real life (eg London to NY 7 hours?)

Yes, it will takes as long as real life.

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Yep they will it is after all a simulator.

Thank you for clearing this up!

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