Overspeed in flight triple violation


This is a bit of a stretch of a request, and I hope you can help me out with it. I was doing a short flight in africa, and once I got to cruising, I set vnav on so I would automatically descend when I needed to. I left my device there to go finish my college applications (i finished them yay!!). I came back, and realized that I had left the device there for too long and I came back to a message that told me I had gotten too many violations in flight to continue. So I ended the session. I would like to ask if I could get at least 2 of these violations removed because I was grade 3, soooooo close to grade 4, and I got bumped down to grade 2 because of this :(.

Thank you. I know some of these type of violations don’t usually get removed because they are only level one, but is it possible to at least get 2 of these removed so I can go back to grade 3 and expert server?

Also. If this is not possible, how long do I have to wait for at least 2 of the violations to wear off? I see 7 days, and over the last 7 days I got 1, 5 days ago, 3, 2 days ago, and 3 today. do the ones 5 and 2 days ago wear off in 2 and 5 days from now respectively?

Sorry for the long post… hope you made it to the end. and thank you for your effort.

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Hey there!

If possible could you send me a picture of the violation history? It would be a lot more clearer for me so I can possibly give you what date you should have grade 3 back

here you go!

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Each level 1 violation expires in 7 days as you said above so you will get grade 3 back at around 2022-12-07T02:30:00Z give or take a few minutes.

sounds good. Can I get 2 violations revoked so I can get there faster? :)

thank you so much omg u were so much help!!!

Wait hold on I read that wrong

Ok my apologies. Unfortunately you most likely cannot get level 1 violations removed seeing as @appeals only removes level 2 and 3 violations

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Okay thanks!

No problem. Have a great rest of your day :)

you as well!

@rgaviation From what I’m seeing…it’s looking like overspeed is a common problem for you.

To avoid this:

  • Make sure you are at or below 250kts when below 10000ft (slow your descent to meet this speed if necessary).

  • Make sure you are cruising at an appropriate speed for your aircraft:

ERJs/CRJs: M0.75
A320/B737 Series: M0.78-80
B757/767/A330/A340/DC10/MD11: M0.80-0.82
B777: M0.84
A350/A380/B787: M0.85
B747: M0.85-0.86


I would also recommend you to turn on VNAV ONLY when you are close to the TOD and you are sure you will be able to monitor the descent.


Can I ask how you have that many level 1’s?

forgetting to look at my ipad lol but i’ll be fine thank you!!

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