Overspeed in Daher TBM 930?

I was cruising in the Daher TBM 930 at 20,000ft over Greece on the expert server. My airspeed was 250kts, which after looking at the replay, was extremely close to the red line. I climbed from 16,000ft to 20,000ft during the first few minutes of flight. The red line came down really fast, but when I reached 20,000ft, it was still well below red line. I guess it was still adjusting when I left for a moment. I got no warnings for about 15 minutes, then I recieved 3 violations. Is there info on cruise speeds at different altitutes for this plane? I can only seem to find the general cruise speed of 252kts. Thank you!

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Usually when flying the TBM-930 I would cruise at 220kts to be safe

You wouldn’t want to be flying at a speed super close to the red line because just some turbulence and your speed gets pushed into the red line.(I learnt it the hard way too)


By what you have said, it sounds as if the winds shifted and caused you violations. The best you can do is contact @appeals with your replay handy.

And do as @Aviator_SG suggested.


Thanks! Although it says the appeals are for level 2 and 3 violations. Are you sure I can take this to them?

Ah, that would make a lot of sense. What altitude are you cruising at with a speed of 220kts?

Yes, if it was caused by game error than you should be okay.

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Literally any altitude tbh
The highest I’ve been in a TBM us FL250 and even then I also cruise at 220kts

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Your cruise speed isn’t determined by IAS in most turboprop, you should rather look at the TAS.

The real thing can fly with full torque to somewhere close but not above 330kt TAS.

Additional information : initial climb to FL100 is made at 130KIAS then 170KIAS to cruise

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See page 323 onwards, section 5.11.

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Thank you! I took a look at this ealier before posting, but did not get to this section.

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