Overspeed has me down, anyone on TRNG?

The vast majority of my violations at this point have been issued by the automatic generated violations for over speed which is my fault, I know better than to let the aircraft run out of fuel…

But… because of my failure to plan appropriately, I find myself on Training again for the weekend and that can be entertaining and boring all the same… anyone else hanging about on Training and wants to fly, do ATC, anything? /me is bored and has been long forgotten by the ATC ground controller at KLAX at the moment, “Thai 503 Hold Position” a good five minutes ago.

This is more to establish a list of semi-intelligent and hopefully semi-mature individuals to unoffically semi-group up and do something.


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You could always make a #live:groupflights if you’re lonely

Feels much more official than I am trying to be here @snoman

I’ll totally do a flight with you this weekend. Ain’t got much else to do lol.

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bro i also am on training for 7 days due to this so would surely join you brother.

We should make a Training Server Flyer PM. We could all meet and announce flights in there, as I am also stuck on Training because I forgot to read ATIS.


Even though I’m not on training I would love to fly with you guys!


bro you create i will join you.

Add me to the PM too

Never grind hours for a VA through the early hours of the morning.

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You could help people training for IFATC by doing some patterns etc. when they open in their tracking threads!

Feel free to utilize the #live:groupflights category for stuff like this please.