Overspeed glitch?

I was just flying with the Q400 between Rhodes and Athens, when I started getting overspeed warnings at about 24,000ft.

Despite the fact I was not getting warnings at the top of my screen, and I was only at around 320kts I slowed down. I kept checking my profile to check I wasn’t getting violations, which I wasn’t.

So, whenever I was in the cockpit for the rest of the flight I continued to get overspeed warnings, ever when I was at speeds of around 150kts, and on the ground at around 18kts.

So at the end of my flight, I attempted to join training server to fly the return journey, and I got denied access for being Grade 1… (I was Grade 2 due to my landings to violations ratio).

I went and checked my profile, and it told me I had racked up 6 violations.

I’m not sure if this was me or a glitch, I’m kind of confused…

The Q400 Dash 8 doesn’t fly at that fast of a speed, 320kts is too fast for that Aircraft.

True, but I was not getting violations or overspeed warnings at the top of my screen throughout the flight…

These also continued on the ground and on approach etc.

The continuous Overspeed Annunciation is known but Captain JR is right. No need to take that aircraft up to 320 knots. She’s a gem to fly if you treat her right ;)

The violations come as a learning experience.

Have a look below at Mawk’s tutorial: