Overspeed Glitch

This was a topic but never had a solution, was cruising at 36,000 ft in the 752, then at M .87 it started saying overspeed and i got 6 violations, any help? Now i cant fly expert for another week :(

Did you reduce your speed? There is something that I’ve experienced similar to this, where the over speed limit keeps decreasing to 0 and stalls you. Turn on NAV and it might help.

i was at cruising altitude and on nav

Where were the red lines on your speed tape? That is the overspeeding mark. Don’t go above it.

M.87 is way too fast. That’s borderline over speed. Try going at about M.77. I’ve had times where I’ve been over speed because I tried to stay at M.88/87. You’re wastig fuel as well if you’re trying to stay at that speed. It’s just not as efficient

no, ive cruised at M .90 without the glitch before, and i was going 3 knots below, not passing any higher

It depends on that altitude too. M.90 at 26000 is not the same as M .90 at 36000. Your speed limit decreases as you get higher.

If you put the autopilot that close to the limit you are asking for violations. All it takes is some turbulence to make the speed jump up.

i did have a headwind, and it shouldnt of been overspeeding, well, back to TS1 for another week :I

Why were you cruising Mach 0.2 higher than a max average speed?

As you burn fuel you gain speed as well.