Overspeed Glitch

Yesterday I was flying from PHKO to PHNL in the Hawaii region in the dash 8 400. I was at cruising altitude when I got the overspeed warning so I slowed down and it would not go away. I just ignored it and completed my flight. Even as I was taxing and on approach flying at 120 knots I had the warning (Not speeding warning). I probably should have just stopped my flight early but when I ended my flight I realized I got six violations! Is there anyway to get the violations back because I do not think deserve them?

Thanks for all input!

After you finished the flight, did you try refreshing the app and seeing if it still shows up when you fly?

Also, may I ask what your cruise speed was?


Under 10,000ft speed limit is 250kts
Over 10,000ft speed limit is 350kts

Taxi speed limit is 35kts Ground speed


Make sure you are not going over 35 knots ground speed while taxiing. Also, max cruising speeds depend on altitude and weight.

Was it windy in the region

It was an aircraft over speed so it was not a airspace and i quickly addressed the issue and I was going slower than aircraft limit.

I think it was 7 knots

Ok, well, that’s quite confounding. I’ll have to leave it to other community members to better support you with your issue as I’m not quite sure why your experiencing this.

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Oh well, Thanks for trying to help!

Do you have any screenshots?

No didn’t think of doing that until I had completed the flight. I tried to recreate the flight on casual to get a picture but it didn’t happen again.

This may have been an issue with your internet connection. If your were close to the speed warning threshold and intermittently kept losing your connection to the server then this is the likely cause. I have this issue when I fly while using cellular service and the cell signal weakens.

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That could be possible but the issue persisted after cruise, onto approach, final, landing, and taxi.

If the message stayed on your screen then it is quite possible that the overspeed warning on the screen didn’t clear due to a minor glitch of some sort. These things do randomly occur but if it was a major issue I’m sure that multiple other inquiries would have been posted here recently.

-Refresh your app and device regularly.
-Make sure you have a stable internet connection.
-If the winds are gusty in your the region you are in then try to keep a safe buffer from the speed violation warning as tail winds can increase your Ground Speed at times.

Cheers ;)

Thanks a lot for the help and tips. Do you know if there is a way to get back the violations or is that just something that i’ll have to live with?

Something you have to live with!

The violations should clear in a few days unless one of our great staff members step in after seeing this thread. Otherwise, just stay aware of your surroundings especially the winds and other aircraft. Violations are some of the growing pains of learning the characteristics of the aircraft and weather conditions within this simulator.


You have it all wrong. For the “Dash 8”, the limit is 300kts.

Yea but it still had the warning

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You sped you received violations for it, not much more we can say about that. The fact that the warning persisted on the screen is irrelevant. 1 time glitches that aren’t replicated aren’t issues.

I suggest you know your aircrafts limitations prior to flying next time.

It’s probably just a minor bug. Try contacting staff or a moderator, they should be able to help!