"Overspeed" Glitch & Audio Glitch | IF 3/14/18 Update

“Overspeed” Audio Glitch

Today, I was testing out the new update in my trusty A319! While on my Pi Day event, I noticed that after I went over the speed limit (For less than 10 seconds) and I got the Overspeed warning (normal), so I cut the throttle immediately.

As my speed dropped, the overspeed warning didnt stop. I went from 280knts to 170knts, but still that warning continued.

With still more time in my flight, I left as the audio got annoying after the first 5 minutes of it and upon leaving, noticed that I received 6 violations and was “System Ghosted”!

Theres no way I could have gotten 6 violations in under 10 seconds for overspeed!

Device: Apple iPhone 8
IOS Update 11.2.6
Infinite Flight 3/14/18 Update
Callsign: BCHASER


Please Dont Chime In, Unless you are a Mod/Dev Or someone aware or has the same Issue
Thanks :)


We’re aware of this issue, but it’s so very very hard to reproduce. Actually, we haven’t been able to come up with a stable repro for it.


Question, can my violations be reversed?

As you actually have provided sufficient grounds for it, we will take care of that for you.


Seb, such a babe. Balloon take notes! Actually, duly note it ;)


Merci Beaucoup!

@Levet - I will triple note it ;)

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I and several other people have had this same issue, I believe. Was never solved.

We’re well aware of that.

The same thing happened to me in the old version, marking 7 violations.