Overspeed Damage

Why a control failure?

That’ll be up for the developers to decide, if they want to go ahead with this (along with the squawk i hope?).

I think, not just with speed, but also time, and built. The Boeing flutter test I watched lasted several moments.

So maybe for IF: Too long, something breaks, faster and longer = suicidal :D the crash will happen when you lost complete control of the plane (maybe? just an idea haha)

lol, I’m imagining the devs posting a teaser pic on insta one day, wearing helmet, jumpsuit and backpack while performing the flutter test damage/crash for each plane! :D That’s when you’ll know, Hymenopus_Coronatus’s idea has been approved! Fingers crossed :)

But again exceeding MMo or VMo won’t damage anything.

You need to be exceeding Vb and hit a maximum intensity gust before you start damaging or bending anything.

I’ll give you a vote

For realism sake, yea there might be certain extreme parameters to meet unlike forgetting to fill up your fuel. But surely a damage would be more exciting than just receiving a mere violation mid-flight, don’t you think?

I once tried to recreate Sully’s Hudson landing to the numbers (wind speed, temperature, weight, speed before and speed 19 seconds after bird incident) - didn’t find the Hudson :D got 3 violations instead! I accept that, as lack of skill, but that was a cool experience to learn from.
(So, maybe, dial those extreme numbers down, devs? Just receiving violations and continuing on my way like nothing happens breaks my heart lol.)

There would still be violations though, probably

Shouldnt be a problem because you shouldnt be anywhere near the overspeed threshold of your aircraft. Aircraft rarely come close to this never exceed limit unless already in an emergency. If you are close enough to where this can happen in your flight in IF you arent flying your aircraft properly.

Yes, that is the point. To add consequences to those not flying properly on TS and ES

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There’s really no way to program this. Plus, aren’t violations punishment enough?

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I’m no expert C# dev, but disabling a control axis and showing an additional row of text in dialogue along with the violation messages (something like “Roll controls disabled”) seems possible

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Ohh oh oh ohhhhh. I was thinking physical changes to the look of the aircraft. That makes sense, but it would need to still be flyable to some degree

I haven’t came cross aircrafts disintegrate due to pilot overspeeding in RW. I dont think it happens unless all hydraulic failier. Evn in those instance pilots kept pitch with thrust in some instance. Penalty is right way to go about when pilot overspeed when he actually in control. Its more realstic.

I understand what you mean (getting violation), think of it as lots and lots of paperwork and explaining to do to the company and NTSB if you managed to land safely lol! :D

Lol! Physical damages on aircrafts very serious it aint like dent in car. I dont think they tested in real world to see what physical damage can happens by overspeeding. Wing test happens on ground. So they know how much stress it can take. So then limit the speed due to weight and pressures.

Just to give how serious aerodynamic of a aircrafts. All paint works on aircrafts meticulously checked due to it can change performance.

“It wasn’t a crash, it was a forced water landing” ~Sully Movie

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Yeah it would still be somewhat flyable

The idea for the damage here is that the hydraulics (or another crucial system) were damaged.

Well then we’re talking emergencies, and I feel like then that’s another discussion

How on earth would hydraulics be damaged by an overspeed?

It’s a plane, in real life, the manufactures build it for a reason to prevent crashes, my opinion

But then it can cause more but I don’t know