Overspeed Damage

In real life, excessive overspeeding can result in aircraft damage.

However, in IF, even if you go at speeds which would destroy the airframe, it only gives violations.

The idea here would be that (on the Training and Expert servers), excessive overspeeding would result in the failure of one of the control surfaces. Of course, the speeds would be different for each aircraft. A violation would also be given.

I think this would add more realism to the Training and Expert servers. This feature would not be active in Casual, to keep the Casual server casual.

This actually sounds like a good idea. It might frustrate some though.
I have no votes but I will vote for this in the future.

Yeah, that’s why it wouldn’t be in Casual, thanks for the support!

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This sounds like a good idea. I do have one question: when I instruct autopilot to cruise at a certain speed, sometimes it goes over that speed for a few seconds while the throttle is pulling back. If, during those few seconds, the aircraft went into overspeed, what would happen?

I assume there would be some sort of buffer similar to violations.

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I think the aircraft should just spin around instead. Why? Because crashes will not exist in Infinite Flight, as Jason once mentioned. That’s just my opinion. :)

Yeah, I was talking about the CRASH! message shown when colliding with terrain

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Actually exceeding MMo or VMo doesn’t result in damage because there’s plenty of buffer. Max speeds are derived from flight testing and the envelope is reduced from the actual maximum speeds achieved.

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Yes, a 5-10 second buffer would definitely be necessary

Wouldn’t nose diving in say, a Cessna and exceeding mach one cause it to break?

I think this is a good idea for the people who love realism in Infinite Flight. I’m wondering if the developers can implement a braking airframe in IF as there are already things which should be done first.

But for what are we gonna use violations then? If people don’t want violations, they aren’t going to overspeed in this case. Do we really need it?

Some people in TS or ES don’t care about violations, and this would be a way to make overspeed violations more serious. Say, a long haul could be ended halfway through by an overspeed.


I’ve watched the flutter-test video where the jumbo jet pilots wore parachutes for just in case, but… Having it to disintegrate instantly (i.e. CRASH Message) will just be a hindrance to a good game/sim.

I would however, have a better sim experience if instead of a crash, random damages or malfunctions occur - giving us an exciting chance to land the plane safely!:

  • Either one of the engines disabled (“broken”), or
  • Rudder disabled, or
  • Aileron disabled, or
  • Elevator disabled.

I understand about abuses, but how many emergency “low fuels” announcements there are, it’d just be the same thing, we could then find a use for that Squawk feature request.

A crash = instantly exiting the session, wouldn’t it?


Yes!!! A failure of one of the control surfaces would be amazing! For example, one of the tilt controls/joystick would be disabled!


That sounds quite cool tbh, I’d enjoy that


Same!!! That would be awesome! I’ve edited the feature request to include this awesome idea!


Are you talking about exceeding VMo or MMo by 10, 20, 30, 40, 50 knots or being stupid?

Here I’m talking about being stupid or negligent.

So you want the same resultant damage for a 1 knot overspeed in something like a 747 or trying to break the sound barrier in a Cessna?

As stated by @CaptJJ, depending on the overspeed, different control failures could occur.