Overspeed, But really? Bug prehaps?

I got three speeding violations overnight the other day, took it as such (never got them in the last 6 months)… NOW I’m suspicious …then whilst monitoring a flight tonight noticed I was getting speeding violations

well under the threshold of m.90. Leads me to think there is a bug?

Looks very strange. Would you mind sharing your replay for everyone here to see the full context? You can do it by uploading it to sharemyinfiniteflight.com or a cloud storage provider of your choice

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There are speed limitation to the specific aircraft as well. You are well in the red area of the speedtap so you exceeded the aircrafts performance.
Not a bug at all.

Edit, the message is mislead

yes, I shall, no problem at all. it’s very late where I am, so shall do in the AM

I don’t understand your logic? Cruise speed for a 789 is .87… max speed .90… so why would .79 be overspeed?

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It seems that you’re going M.94 in the image, but your A/P is still at M.79, seems really weird, I doubt it’s your fault.

Edit: Unless you were already at M.94 and you set your A/P to M.79 later when you were well beyond the limit

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You’re at M0.94 which is clearly an overspeed

Also it changed and was a variant… not solved as you are so quickly to point out… lets let the video be seen…

where are you seeing that?

On the bottom of the speed HUD it reads GS 413, M 0.94, which is your current speed

I’m not sure if the Infinite Flight team fixed this, or if they have a way to, for that matter, but the cause could be a sudden wind change. This did happen to me once, the winds were changing from headwinds to crosswinds to tailwinds every second for a short while.

yes my point being i was not set to that, i never fly above .82 on long hauls… something is amis…

Did the wind suddenly changed? I’ve never seen a 139kt headwind. That would drastically increase the airspeed.

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I’m pretty sure winds affect grounspeed only, which won’t give you a vio because vios are based off of your airspeed

I’m not going to reply to any pundit, I will await for someone official… But there is a problem, In 7 years of flying never had any aircraft speed up on me for no reason… Appreciate all y’'alls opinions…

Then don’t make a public post, there’s something called a PM, PM your “Official people” 🤷‍♀️


Well, if the headwind increases suddenly, the airspeed will increase accordingly.

You are going M.94 tho

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true. thanks for your input

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Hey @Knellered, long time no see, hope you’ve been doing well. Now your absolute best bet would actually be to contact via a PM, @ Moderators, and to them, send the link to your Replay, which you can upload on the website @Alexander_Nikitin was so kindly to link above.

That way the Moderator team, can look through and assist you in the best possible way and find a answer and solution to the issue you’ve stumbled upon, rather having us guessing and not getting anywhere, unfortunately :/

Also @FlightGT, good observation with the headwinds although not sure how headwind would increase airspeed, as headwind it wind coming at you, meaning it will by the laws of physics and in theory, slow you down, making the engine needing to produce more thrust as headwind will increase drag and thus lead to higher fuel consumption, not necessarily go any faster. For that we have tailwind which will give you a push in the right direction and is favored by pilots alike :)