Overspeed Bug

I went over my air planes speed limit and immediately reduced it back to what it should have been, but then the OVERSPEED sound never left even when i had landed! Very confusing.
This was flying on a IPad Air 2 IOS11 in the Dash-8


I had the same issue. I think it’s just a bug in-game

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Things to do to avoid the overspeed warning:

Why do you guys hang so close to redline. 🤦🏻‍♂️ Hasn’t anyone ever heard the story of the tortase, and the hare?

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Probably so we can get there a few minutes earlier. :D
But after global update I stopped doing it unless I have excess fuel because it guzzles your fuel up when you go near the red mark.

Well it was on climb and i was doing work whilst it was climbing and the redline comes down as you climb so not really my fault and i didnt fly fast for the rest of the flight either.

Yep, just had this today. Was going into Dubai in a dreamliner at mach 1.4

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How is that even possible?

So in other words you knew how it performed, and where just careless about keeping an eye on it.

That’s pretty bad idk if I’d share that one 😂

Try it …

My live server had disconnected after flying from Cairo. Last 30 mins of flight. Wasn’t happy. Thought, why not , when overspeed alarm didn’t go off

Possibly careless but it happens.Life is more important than IF and if you cross the redline.

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What if you suddenly regained back your connection, you would have gotten a ton of overspeed violations.

Been having serious issues with my live connection. Once it’s gone, it’s gone. Will not even attempt to reconnect

I see I have been called.
Actually Ive had this issue again, for me it has been a faulty internet connection. when I switched to wifi everything was fine again.

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Maybe it’s your internet connection? Try playing closer to your modem/router.

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Just a reminder this is about the overspeeding issue and not losing connection.

It’s ok once it’s on. I received a message on another app, and opened that app to read it. After that, connection was lost. Usually close all other apps Before opening if

I’m just dissapointed I didn’t get screenshots. Was sure I took

Sorry. Just stating I took advantage of loss of overspeed alarm and loss of live server at same time. Would not fly like that if connected