Overspeed Autopilot glitch

Hey IFC,
I was doing a flight from LAX to LHR last night and everything was fine until I finished the flight and realised I had got 2 violations for over speed at 7:50 when I woke up at 8:00. So I went on the replay and it had me going m0.99 instead of 0.85 the speed I had set autopilot.
I presume this a glitch or this is something wrong with my game.
I was using inflight operations and the wind was 6kts

The autopilot doesn’t change by itself, fortunately :)

Were you using any 3rd party apps at this flight perhaps?


Possibly due to wind i dont thibk the autopilot would add mach 0.14 on

It’s was only 6kts

I was using inflight operations.

That does not allow for automatic step climbs and similar, right?

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No, it generates a flight report with fuel quantities etc.


I’ll drop you a PM as continuation of this will require some details that should not be publicly shared (emails etc).