Overspeed alert in map view

Today I was flying in the map view, and didn’t realize that I got violations. That made me courious. Why doesn’t the overspeed banner show up in the map view? Is there a reason? I think that it would be a nice addition because I fly in the map view a lot, and would prefer for this to not happen again.

It does shows up in the map view… So no idea what you’re referring to?

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@schyllberg You can faintly see it in the map view. It just doesn’t appear as clear as it does when you don’t have the map view on.

At a cursory glance, especially with the brightness on minimum, it is very hard to see

Shouldn’t you hear the alarm though?

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There has to be some kind of limit to how much “assistance” one can be given.
Can’t see the banner? Well, you can hear the sound.
Can’t hear the sound? Well, you can see the banner.

“I can’t see the banner clear enough because i’ve lowered my brightness, had the sound off and so on” isn’t really… a thing i’d buy.

I don’t mean to sound harsh or anything. I totally respect your opinion, it’s just getting a bit ridiculous some times :)


Which overspeed were you referring to? Under 10k or the plane speed limit? One has audio, one doesn’t…

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Above 10,000, but this can be closed. I believe it’s been discussed enough

Resolution: Don’t fly a speed so close to the redline and slow down. You can fly overspeed to your heart’s desire on the casual server or solo mode. Fly a normal cruising speed for an airliner. M.82-.87. There’s no reason to be flying anything in the M.90 or greater range. Keeping this buffer of space between your current speed and the redline on the speed tape will ensure you’re not going to overspeed.