Oversized Aircraft at KBCT (Restriction Request)

Should I contact an ATC Moderator for this?

No, not needed

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Perhaps I should change the title?

Maybe 757…

We’re talking about KBCT.

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heavies may be capable of landing there, but it does not mean they should… a 787 does not belong at KPSP, neither does a 747, the entire airport can not support either of those, and yes air force one or, VC-25 may have landed there in the past, but probably may not in the future, air force one is being upgraded to a 747-8, and I’m pretty sure svn with intense modifications it will not be able, to land there, u also have to account for the weight of thee aircraft. :)

maybe, but thats still not realistic, big aircraft may be able to land there, but the town on palm springs does not get enough passengers for a 737, or a320. :)

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@tranquil_skyflyer. I believe you. Bocca’s rway is 6200’ not counting the overruns.


ISA +20ºC SL.

737-300 - 2109 m
737-400 - 2475 m
737-700 - 2042 m
737-800 - 2316 m
747-400 - 3600 m
767-300 - 2850 m
767-300ER - 3996 m
777-200 - 2440 m
777-200LR - 3050 m
777-300 - 3540 m
319-100 - 2080 m
320-200 - 2590 m
321-200 - 2286 m
330-200 - 2590 m
330-300 - 2680 m
340-200 - 3260 m
340-300 - 3380 m
340-500 - 3550 m
340-600 - 3550 m
380-800 - 3350 m

@SirMS. AF-1 heavy 9700’. On a good day. 10k is well out side the margin for error Max

No 777-300ER Max?

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This is supposed to be realistic. Ugh.


In all seriousness though.

People are going to do what they’re going to do. You have the power to control the actions of one. Yourself. Make a stand by practicing realism on your own and concern yourself not with others.

If even one person sees this and follows your example you will have made a bigger difference than getting upset about it will ever make.

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