Oversized Aircraft at KBCT (Restriction Request)

I find this ridiculous.

I was at KBCT (virtually) a while ago, and at the airport I see A320’s and oddly enough 767’s (Yes! 767’s). I start taxiing to the runway and I see an A330 land.
This April I went to Florida for vacation, and I have been there for vacation many times, and I pass the airport really often, the biggest plane I’ve seen there is like a Gulfstream G650 or a Bombardier Challenger or Global or something similar. On Infinite Flight I’m seeing A330’s, isn’t this simulator supposed to be realistic?

I’d like to hear what you guys think.


Well said. The system only violates based on class of airport. Not necessarily real world realism. For example it will not let you fly a 767 into a Class D airport. I think they should make the system a little “tighter”.


Although those planes aren’t allowed to land there, pilots can’t tell unless the tap on the airport. So, pilots fly there and touchdown, but if they’re on the airport for more than 5 seconds they get a violation

Not a lot you can do. For example 90% of the planes shouldn’t be landing at KNUC in Socal but they do it anyways. Sit back and laugh when they try to take off or land. That’s all you can do.


@tranquil_skyflyer…MsxSez: Your comment noted. Seems an aircraft size restriction by unpublished NOTAM was cussed and discussed yesterday base on a similar Pilot gripe. I was unable to locate it. Don’t recall if KBCT was included. Suggest you discuss this issue via PM with @Joe. He’ll have the absolute bottom line answer. There are snakes on this plane.

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I to, wish people people would do more realistic procedures at airports, but you can’t control everyone to follow it. In reality, planes that size wouldn’t be able to fit there, but virtually they can. It’s difficult for the devs to only allow certain planes at certain airfield based on the simple (?) system they currently use (Delta fields and below can’t handle large jets, while Charlie fields and above can). The devs could make a more advanced system when they restrict certain planes at certain airports but would probably be extremely difficult to implement considering the many airports around the planet with specific restrictions. Unfortunately, we’ll have to deal with the unrealism until a better system is put into place.


I say fly it if you’re certain that you’ll be successful trying it. I’m awaiting “Globals” release so that I can return to my training airport in Memphis, General DeWitt Spain Airport with those fantastic parallel views of the mighty Mississippi River. With slightly under 4K of usable runway however I will make sure to return in the plane or planes that they trained me on; that Cessna 150 was like flying a Geo with wings. However once I upgraded to the 172 Skyhawk things took on a whole new perspective.
• But as far as an B747 at KBCT, which the airport should consider a blessing since they usually get the thrills of the nobody’s; KBCT has 6276ft of landing room for a '47 which according to well respected friend of mine they have landed a cargo '47 nearly empty around 5300ft. That’s a bit of a squeeze for me, but thank the good Lord this is sims that you and I are talking about. They are talkin IRL. Have a great weekend :-)


@tranquil_skyflyer… I stand corrected Skyflyer. The Topic I was referring to does not apply in your case. The Topic “Being told a Plane is to large…” NOTAM of Oct 10 does not apply in your case. Regret misdirection and advise to contact @Joe. Stuff happen like my brain fart on this occasion. Regrets.
Max Sends

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The 767 was parked.
Even a A320 is big.

I can see an A320 being able to land there, despite not being a plane permitted. Anything larger is a bit far.

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Yes, I am bit lenient with A320’s, although I do think an A321 or 737-900 is a bit big.

I COMPLETELY AGREE!!! i know then pain u have, the other day i was doing a flight from san beernadiono-kpsp in a 208, and i saw a 747-400 at san berindino, like what the heck!!! and its the same problem with KPSP like a 787, can not land there in the first place, and second of all, its not realistic, I know your pain!!! nothing bigger than a 737, should be at KPSP.

This is not entirely true, heavies ARE capable of landing at KPSP, the runway is 10,000 ft long. Air Force One has landed there in real life.


I understand a A320 but not a 767 although its possible to be at a airport like that.

air force one or a 747-200 (vc-25) has been modified, extremely for situations like this

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Dude, 10,000 feet is plenty for a 747. You know KLM lands 747s at TNCM which only has a 7,500 ft runway…


yes i know that,

We land heavies at the class delta I work at almost everyday… the airspace config really should have nothing to do with it. Our most common heavies are the 767, 747, dc10.


Who would be the best person to contact for this stuff?