Overseas Tracks

Question out of curiousity, do the tracks going overseas (specifically the Atlantic routes) change daily? One day, I saw one extending out from KDFW to just about NW of Ireland but today it seems like that same track (Track T) has been shortened from KBWI to NW of Ireland. It also seems as though some days tracks are added while others, they are reduced. Perhaps someone could clear up this confusion for me?

Infinite Flight uses real-world data for its NATs that are updated in real-time. With the DFW issue, this is a bug based on conflicting waypoint names that IF does not know how to differentiate, this waypoint would be near the same area as where the rest of the tracks would be.


Oh okay, sounds good! Didn’t even know that. Love to see how many real world conditions they use as input for the game. Thank you for telling me!

And yes, Shanwick and Gander (the two air traffic control facilities responsible for the area) release new tracks twice a day (once Westbound, once Eastbound). These are based off of preferred routes that airlines send into them, and weather, among other things. Some days there are more tracks then other days, which I think is based off of demand.


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