Hello IFC! I want to know how people do overnighters. And what I mean by this is step climbing. How do you step climb while you’re sleeping? I feel like I could do so many more flights, but this always confuses me. I love long hauls so I wanted to see if anyone had any tips? Thanks!

I explained this horribly, so if you don’t understand the question, then it’s ok.


Unfortunately you have to step climb manually so you’ll have to be awake when doing it unless you use a third party application.

Honestly, I tend to do long-hauls thru the day, but if I’m doing an overnighter, there’s no real way you can stepclimb. Which sucks… but it’s okay. 😑

There is an app called In-Flight Assistant that you can program to step climb for you. I can tell you how if you want :)

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Doesn’t In-flight assistant cost money? 💰

Yeah I’ll just use more fuel instead of paying money, I’m not paying for gas here


Well I mean, if you want, there is that app. It’s only $5, lol.

Yeah but then the step climbing feature costs another $5

I keep on telling my parents to buy me applications for IF, and Aerofly, and xPlane, and they’ll completely ignore me. 😂

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No, it doesn’t. I used it once and didn’t pay a dime.

Thats no longer the case then.

I bough IFA and I didn’t really like it. But I had no idea that it had VNAV.

well it does… for $5

Wait, so extra 5$?

yep, kinda sucks

Oh, I just used the Alerts/NAV thing. Is that not the same thing?

That cots extra
*costs lol

Not the one I use. Must be a different thing 🤔

Wait, is it Infinite flight assistant?

Well, what I do when I do overnight flight I’m awake until I’m cruising ATL and it’s safe for me to go.
That’s all



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