Overnighters (II) - Los Angeles to Auckland - 062100ZOCT19


Time of Departure: 2100Z
Server: EXPERT

Hello and welcome to the Overnighters series - a series where we fly from the main IFATC airport to the main airport scheduled for the following day. The aircraft and livery use will match the real world flight as much as possible. Flight number will be at your own discretion - no inappropriate callsigns please.

Tonight we we’ll be flying from Los Angeles to Auckland in the Air New Zealand 787-9 (I am well aware that NZAA will not be staffed by ATC - but Auckland is the only NZ airport served by the US). We will depart from Runway 25R and travel across the Southern Pacific Ocean before making our arrival into Auckland! We are due to land on Runway 05R . (however this is subject to change due to winds)

Essential Flight Information:

Aircraft & Livery: ANZ 789
Estimated Flight Time: 12:04
Minimum Fuel Required: 78332 kg
Passengers: 280
Cargo: 700 kg

Cruise Altitude :* FL340 (SC to FL360 @ 25N127W , FL380 @ QUIGG, FL400 @ 20S174W)
Cruise Speed: * M0.85

Planned Departure Runway:* 25R*
Planned Arrival Runway:* 05R*

*: Subject to change due to winds

Flight Plan:

KLAX DOCKR EVOSE MKGEE DARRK SUMMR BNANO 3241N/12023W DONKS FICKY HILCO 2500N/12700W 2000N/13200W 1500N/13700W 1100N/14200W 500N/15000W QUIGG PASSA 1000S/16600W 1500S/17000W 2000S/17400W 2500S/17800W TARIB 3501S/17609E AA UGRUS NZAA


Please note that I am not responsible for any violations of ghostings that occur in this event.

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