So it is my birthday tomorrow and to celebrate I am going to do my first “overnighter” people have suggested that I do and I think I am finally going to do it. My live subscription runs out soon so might as well finish with a bang. I am asking this community to suggest a route! Preferably a plane with APPR and an American/Canadian/British airline!



Since you are from Calgary, why not fly from CYYC-EGKK with a 787? (WestJet)

I would love too! But sadly there is no WestJet 787. When I get to TL2 I am going to suggest some new livery updates.

Try searching in fpltoif.com under ‘Random flight generator’. Simply enter the aircraft, the required flight time and an arrival or destination airport if you have any in mind :)

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I got one for ya,

CYYC-EDDF in an Air Canada 787-9
Perfect route to fly

Will do! Thank you for helping me out!

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Or you could use this…

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