Overnight overheating

You can turn on automatic low power and then reduce brightness all the way. To make your device as cool as possible go into settings>accessibility>display accommodations and turn on reduce white point and bring it all the way up to 100%

I have that iPad, if you do what I stated before, the battery should be completely fine, I did a 15 hour flight from YSSY to KDFW and it was completely fine

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I has this same problem and I have the IPhone 6s as well. These are somethings I did to fix the problem.

  • Take off the case
  • Point a fan at the back of the phone
  • Brightness down
  • Low power Mode
  • Close all Apps except IF and IFA (if you have it)

These are only recommendations, there are other ways to cool down your phone but these are the ways I think helps the best.


Hmm, iPhone 6s is rather old. I don’t think it will make it without heating up. I used to have the 6S+, and it was quite hot.

Like I said above these are the best ways to help. (I know this because I do have the 6S.)

Hey, I have a little fan that I use when my device gets to hot… works without a question :》

i only bought my ipad 2 weeks ago, i dont feel completely comfortable yet just leaving it on over night plugged in. Iv done it alot of times with my iphone tho so should have no problems with that.

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I just put lower power mode on IF and lower my brightness all the way. When I touch my iPad in the morning the temperature is completely normal.

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I go in free mode and look up at the sky, then turn on low power mode,

I normally zoom in on somewhere dark in the cockpit on long haul flights so it looks like the screen is off & doesn’t over heat at all

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