Overnight or 1 more flight

Hey everyone

I just flew into ORD and I’m doing a multi leg flight
here are the legs:
Completed Tuesday: Left AAVA Home Base at KCLT in a CRJ-900 for KMKE and overnighted there in anticipation of the KMKE flyout the next day
Today(Wednesday): Flew from KMKE to KORD and am currently on the ground in KORD in the crew center deciding if I should overnight it here in Chicago or do one more flight to KDCA and overnight it in DC

here are what the next 2 days could look like

Option 1: overnight in Chicago and fly to KDCA on Thursday and then from KDCA to KLGA and from KLGA back to my home base in KCLT. Ending the rotation

Option 2: Fly from Chicago to DC and overnight in DC and fly to new york Thursday and then from there fly back to charlotte and end the rotation

  • Option 1: overnight it in chicago and fly to DC tommorow
  • Option 2: Fly to DCA tonight and overnight in DC

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well Just landed in KDCA not a smooth one but the wind was bad so overall not a bad flight

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