Overnight Long Haul Risks

I am thinking about doing a long haul overnight when I’m sleeping but is there any risks if I do that? Like, will I get caught speeding if I get caught in some wind, or what? Or my iPad turning off or overheating? Would love to know how you guys do your overnight long hauls and how you avoid getting violations to successfully make it to your destination. And what I should keep in mind if I do end up doing an overnight long haul.



I’m pretty sure the system gives you violations based on IAS, not groundspeed


Your device will need to stay active the whole time so it is advised to have your device plugged in, lower your screen brightness, ensure low power mode is selected in the Infinite Flight settings, and set auto pilot well below any indicated speed limit for your aircraft.

Leaving your device during critical phases of flight (climb/descent) may result in unwanted violations.


Hi, and no, I do these over the day or overnight on 12-14hr flights.
I would suggest planning a flight where it lands when you wake up. I will be doing a long haul overnight on Sunday from RKSI-KJFK in a 77F for Fedex if you want to join. Pm we with any questions or a answer.



Like said above Climb and Descent are critical things I always stay up until I reach my climb or if I step climb it is critical to set your speed and check to make things are ok with your device or plane. Make sure to have a good source for cooling your device down like possible prop on up in front of a fan on high speed like a box fan that works for my phone and again like said above planning in key for this you want to have a good flight with the right time

Here’s what I do for long hauls:

  • 1- Go to FPLTOIF.com
  • 2-Click on simbrief
  • 3-Enter all necessary information
  • 4-Copy and paste fpl into IF
  • 5-enter the fuel and weights indicated, fuel rounded up+100
  • 6-take off and supervise until cruise
  • 7-turn brightness all the way down
  • 8-put device on charge

Okay, thank you for your advise


Best tip for long haul, overnight flights:
Use the casual server, I’ve learnt the hard way with 20 of my 37 violations being because of it!


That also depends if you want more realism if you do I suggest expert because on teaming on my 15 hours flight OMDB-KLAX when I was on final a plane flew under me and one lined up ended up going around

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I did my first long haul non stop to YSSY from KSFO, only problem was the training server went down cause of an issue and I couldn’t make it to Sydney, I was so close to the runway but stalled on final

Make sure wake up during the night and pull it out as it could cause your device to heat up.Also, set an alarm so you won’t over sleep and over fly the airport

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Yeah, that’s a good idea, but the thing is, I want some ATC when I arrive since the ATC on expert servers are better. I’m still learning what all the ATC instructions mean.

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I did a over Nights multiple times I done one yesterday from Heathrow to Cape Town

How did that go?

In my opinion it all depends on you to make your flight great. Plan well make sure your flight time will match like if you go to bed at 8:00 pm make sure you flight would be 8 hours so you wake up at 5:00am that is the case for me I use flightaware to see the times of the flight and how long it was I find a flight on Flightradar24 and then head over to flightaware to find it and get the time and start getting my fpl and finding my altitude which I also use flightaware to do it all depends on how much effort you want to put into the planning and the flight for it to be a good one best regards

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Okay, thank you


I travelled KSFO to YSSY at 21,000ft all the way, that’s because I didn’t wanna end up with Mach because I wanted to fly fast at 340kts but nearly 16hrs. Started at 12:00am AEST and finished at 3:21pm AEST and if you don’t know what it stands for then it stands for Australian Eastern Standard Time

Well first off I’d advise using an android for long hauls because they run the game full graphics s no problem. But as long as you stay within the mach speed used for most of the flight irl then you should be fine.

Oh nice. Hope it was a good flight

Oh ok, thank you