Overnight Hauls safe in 21.1?

Does anyone know if it’s safe to do overnight flights now? To be honest, I’m not feeling too confident on doing so until you guys are able to help me out. Any good tips for overnighters that I’m planning to do in the future?

Turn your brightness down to conserve battery life. I think it’s pretty safely if you’ve done it pre 21.1.

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I have done many with out any problems i just plug my device in

Before 21.1, i used to enable Low power mode, and turn down brightness. Are these good to do still?

Yeah, those two are the best options. Also, turn your device on do not disturb.

Yes, I have had no problems so far. Depends on your device as well. But try to turn brightness all the way down, volume off, and position the camera upwards to the sky or inside the cockpit zoom in to a blank space. It helps with battery.

I always keep my camera on HUD view, and i haven’t had issues pre 21.1. I’m also wondering if it’s good to have it on HUD view or not

I think is pretty safe to do so, what I do is that I put all my rendering options in low and my FPS on 30, also, I go onto the cockpit and point the camera to a blank space, lastly, I turn my brightness all the way down as well as the volume

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Thanks for the assistance everyone! I’ll make sure to follow all your tips! I really appreciate it!


So safe, I haven’t had my iPad catch on fire. 😜