Overnight flights

What are tips for doing overnight flights? And can you do them on your phone that you use for everything else without destroying battery life?

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Some tips are lower brightness, keep the sound off, keep airplane count low, and graphics too. This all has helped me to do successful flights. No it won’t destroy your iPhone. I don’t know what device you have though.

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Take your device case off to prevent overheating and have a airgap between the back of your device. It helps alot and will also protect you device from head damage, and eliminate lag potentially.

Thank you!

Any other tips

I guess this applies to all flights, but make sure your auto-lock is turned to “Never,” also, if you are using an iPad with a cover, make sure that the setting that locks/turns the iPad off when the covers closed is also turned off…learned all this from experience 🙃

I would be using my phone

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As an individual with experience:

  • Plug in device to charger and let it sit.
  • Turn on do not disturb or any notification or call silencer.
  • Turn off low power mode, or anything of the sorts to prevent app crashes.
  • Choose a location where the device will not be disturbed, or misclicked while you are asleep - IFATC Appeals do not want your appeal tickets at 3:30am.
  • Set an alarm at least 30 mins before your flight is concluded, so you do not miss your TOD.

Good luck, and reach out if you have any further queries. This basic methodology has worked for flights as short as KJFK-KMIA, all the way up to EGLL-YSSY, with some more intricate notations. :)

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utilize IF’s automatic low power (found in IF’s settings under ‘general’ and this is not to be confused with your device’s operating system’s low power) to reduce the amount of processing your device does, due to less processing done it uses less power


I have a Samsung phone and i usually lower the brightness, turn the volume down and there is a feature it game launcher where it will turn off the screen after 5 or 10 min of not using your phone. And theres a feature in IF that lowers your fps to 10 to save battery

for “low power mode”, do you mean in-app, on the device, or both?

Device, and also in-app. You do not want to siphon any ounce of computing power during a long-haul.

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