Overnight flights

Every time I try to do an overnight flight the game crashes and I don’t know why. HELP!


It would be more helpful if you give us more details, when exactly the problem occurs? As soon as you start?

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It happens on average 5 hrs into the flight


A lot of times crashes can be solved with these two steps:

1- Restarting or “soft” restarting your device before long hauls.
2- Keeping your graphics on low and reduce your screen brightness

Making sure your device doesn’t overheat can also help.
There can be many other causes, these are just some general ideas I can give with the info provided.


Do you have enough space in your device? Clear cache data in your device you can use third-wave apps to clear it completely. There can be other apps in the background consuming memory without noticing as well. To me, it sounds like a memory issue.

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Please, someone for the love of god ask him what iPad he has


Pretty unspecific - is it the iPad (5th Generation - several years old) or the iPad Pro 2021/2022 (less than a year old/a few days old)

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@TheAviation_YT what iPad do you have?


tbh idk but I got it brand new last year

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