Overnight flights.

Good day everyone I was just wondering if I wanted to do a overnight flight how do I let the plane change its course automatically because at the moment I change the heading myself plss help 😁😁😁

You should set a flight plan (or get one from FPLtoIF.com). This will help you navigate without having to do it manually :)

Maping out a route and using autopilot πŸ™‚

Before you take off, file a flight plan. Once you get up in the air, hit the β€œNAV” button, and the plane will fly a certain heading automatically.


Also in addition to what others have mentioned above, always make sure that you have reached your cruising altitude before heading off to sleep, as it’s always good to ensure everything is running smoothly.

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My tips-

  • like everyone on here has said, go to bed after reaching your cruising altitude
  • wake about about an hour - 1.5 hours before descent and arrival into your destination
  • make sure you have enough fuel!
  • as for flightplans, if your hardcore use SimBrief.com or FPLtoIF.com
    Happy flying!
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Just a quick addition to what has been said:

Filing a flight plan is done by simply copying the flight plan as text from whichever site you use to create it (I mostly use FPLtoIF) and pasting it into the search box that appears at the top right corner when you pull up the map. The waypoints you copied are automatically processed (all at once, don’t copy and paste waypoints individually) when you paste them and you’ll see a magenta route on your map. When you activate NAV, the autopilot will follow those waypoints / magenta route. Make sure to check that your route looks good without errors (sometimes waypoints generated on those sites do not match waypoints on IF), such as a waypoint way outside your route. You can add, remove, and move waypoints once you enter them in your map (hold the square β€œmap” button and switch to FPL + Map or just FPL, like switching a camera view) by using the small button right below the list of waypoints.

Good luck!

In addition to having a flight plan for NAV, you should go through the FPL to get rid of tight turns during cruise. It’s best to avoid those at a cruising speed.

Hi there!
So from what you’ve said, you change the heading manually? There is a button called β€œNAV” , and when you press it, the aircraft automatically flies towards the waypoints in which you’ve filed in your flightplan. So if you are doing a long haul, or any flight, make sure to select NAV mode so that you don’t need to change the heading manually. Hope this helps mate!
Happy landings!

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