Overnight Flights, Power Consumption and Violations

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Tonight, I’ve started an overnight flight between RJTT and CYYZ. As an indication, the device I’m using is my iPhone XS Max.

I had several questions to ask about overnight flights that I haven’t found yet:

  1. For iPhone users: Does ‘double’ low power mode heat up your device? When I say double, I mean Infinite Flight’s low power mode as well as the iPhones’. I noticed when I woke up early this morning that, contrary to the usual, my iPhone hadn’t charged to 100%. At that point, it was at 79%. It’s been plugged in for now 8 hours, and it’s currently still at 79%.

  2. Is it true that turning on the free view makes your phone consume less power, because less things to render?

  3. My flight plan - from FPLtoIF - usually includes step-climbing. This night, I didn’t fully respect the flight plan and went straight to cruise altitude on a heavy aircraft. Do you think doing that is OK - although not recommended - as long as you remain fully alert until at cruise speed and altitude?

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Depends on your charger and the power costs, and don’t open iOS’s low power mode or infinite flight will stop by system

Yes, it is

Highly suggest using step climbing because you are too heavy to mantian stable speed of you will stall


My charger is Apple’s original charger, with an iPad box (10W) and an iPhone cable. When it comes to the power costs… I don’t know. :x

What do you mean by that? When I do an overnight flight, I always keep my screen turned on with brightness to its lower but I stay on the Infinite Flight app so that it doesn’t close itself.

As I usually go to sleep right after reaching cruise altitude, is it still OK to do as I do or would it be better to remain on a lower altitude for the duration of the flight?

That’s ok, but a higher power charger would be awesome.

Just do not use the low power mode of the system. Using Infinite Flight’s low power mode is enough

Keep it at a low altitude is good, like FL310/320/330, higher ATL may cause your plane stall

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Alright, thank you very much for your help! I’ll try without system’s low power mode, but I’m honestly surprised that both low power modes can’t add themselves and be more efficient.

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I use an xs max as well it heats up occasionally, but be careful with the free view because it could burn the screen :smiley:

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I use a xs max as well :sunglasses:

I just use IF’s Low Power Mode, screen to lowest brightness, audio to a nice white noise level, and always wait until I’m at my cruise (even if that means a few levels of climb) until I go to sleep and leave the PAX unattended. Also set graphics to low, AA to off, and aircraft count to none. Then before descent - all the graphics back to normal, and resume the flight/approach.

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