Overnight flight?

Hey IFC!
It’s @OrcaKid here, today I’m looking for a overnight flight that is 14:30hrs long, I’m planning on taking off at;
2019-05-11T00:15:00Z and lands around;

Please give me some routes to fly!

YPAD-OTHH is operated by Quatar in the 787-8 and takes 13hours and 46mins
Hope this is a good one for you
Kind regards

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Sounds pretty nice!
Plus, I forgot to say this but;
I’m looking for a Dreamliner flight

you gave me one, but I’m just saying for the future

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I am doing the route right now, departed about 15mins ago

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You could try the random flight generator 🙃

I like this a little bit:

If you’re looking to fly into tomorrow’s ATC featured region, i’d personally recommend KLAX - YSSY with either the UA or AA 789. Nice ocean flight and exactly meets your planned flight time of 14 and a half hours.

I’m going to fly training probs to avoid violations while I’m sleeping.
I may do expert though.

Training still gives you violations. Also, if you do everything right, you won’t get violations 🤷🏼‍♂️

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I know, but I have a flight! A mod can close this, here’s the FPL:
KSFO GNNRR ALANN 3511N/12651W GITLE DIALO 2500N/14300W 2000N/14700W 1500N/15100W 1000N/15400W WOSLU 000S/16100W 500S/16400W TUT DODUX KILAN SOVRA DUNAK DOLSI 2900S/16755E TEKEP 3132S/15904E GOOMA 3353S/15307E RIKNI MARLN WHALE PRAWN SOSIJ YSSY

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I was just about to suggest KSFO-ZUUU in A UAL 787-9 it’s 13 hours 30 minutes

Avoid active airspace 😉

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