Overnight Flight Tips to Prevent IF From Crashing

Hello, I am planning on doing an overnight flight soon in the 777-200, any tips to keep infinite flight from crashing? I will have my graphics and FPS set to low, and clouds will be disabled.


Hey there!

I would suggest the following things:

Lower your graphics down to low when you are at cruise

Set your FPS count to 30

Enable the “Automatic Low Power Mode”

Make sure all other apps are closed

That should all help!


Make Sure your graphics are low during cruise.
Restart your phone before the flight.

And if you want to save some storage while flying and sleeping. Put your camera at the top of your cockpit that way scenery doesn’t have to be loaded in.(Only when at cruise, more optional though)

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I’ll try it, thanks!!

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Also, don’t forget to plug it into a charger and turn down the brightness to lowest possible. Put it somewhere cold as well

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In addition to the already mentioned points, lower your screen brightness to the minimum and make sure that your phone won’t turn off automatically. You should also enable the automatic low power mode in Infinite Flight. I also always prefer to clear the scenery cache before every flight, but that is optional.
Have fun!

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Yes, I will leave it plugged in and it will be put on a stand. It won’t get hot because iv’e tested it before and it works really well. I’m also using my iPad so it should be okay with the low brightness.
Thanks for the tips!

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I’ll make sure to clear the cache before the flight, good idea. I will also enable in flight low power mode. Thanks for the tips :D

Hey! I know some people have reported issues with the 777 causing an app crash on either approach and landing. Another safe measure I suggest is turning the aircraft count to Low during those phases. After landing you can turn it back up again. Have a good flight!

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Thank you! :D

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@Humberto @Average_Gamer @CaptainAli_yt @HerrMrSir thanks for all the tips!!! It worked and my iPad isn’t even hot!! :D


No worries at all! Glad I could help you out.

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Glad to hear! Here’s to more smooth flights!

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