Overnight Flight Protips

Hello IFC Users!
I have been doing some overnight flights, but I looked and I saw that there wasn’t any posts in the last half year. I’m wondering, is there any updates to the protips? Or are those still in working condition? For example, one of my friends said that you switch your camera to ATC? Feel free to reply to this thread. Thanks!



For long hauls I would suggest reducing brightness, enabling limit frame rate, and switching camera to scenic to prevent pixel burn which is not fun


Same thing as old threads…

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But why would one tell me to use ATC cam?

If it ain’t broke don’t fix it 😂 nothing much else you can do

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You don’t want to use that especially over the ocean as it can glitch out and crash the app

What I do is I put the camera in HUD so that it doesn’t crash IFS, another good camera to use is Captain (NO VC) because its only focusing your screen on the scenery ahead and nothing else.

If it’s iOS, you’ll probably still have crashes as it is loading the scenery. Otherwise, it can sometimes heat your device. Point it up in the sky if necessary.

ATC Cam is a great view for long hauls as it’ll only focus on the aircraft.

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ATC as in tower?

Pointing the tail camera at the sky has doubled my device’s long haul capacity (at least) compared to scenic mode. I don’t think the older iPhones burn in but I haven’t had an issue yet, not sure about other devices.

Kind of mean this as a joke but also is reality, get an Android phone if you can to fly long-haul flights. I have never once had my phone crash on me in over 700 hours of flying Long-haul routes.


What I do when I reach cruse on an overnighter is:

  • SFX Volume: All down
  • ATC Volume: All down
  • Rendering Quality: Low
  • Rendering Resolution: Low
  • Texture Quality: Low
  • Interface Time Out: On
  • Use Scenic Camera: Why? So there is no constant texture on the screen
  • Then Screen Brightness: All the way down

I use a Samsung so I don’t have crashing so you might need to change some stuff to try and prevent your app from crashing.

Hope this helps :)

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I see you’re using a Samsung device. I would like to add another tip. If you have the Game Launcher app, use the “Screen touch lock” feature to prevent accidental disengagement of the “Low power mode” function. Plus, it further decreases the brightness of your screen :D


I might try that :)

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One more protip: If your device seems to overheat, put it in front of a fan, put where the part where is the overheating comes. mostly, the back heats most of the time, so i always put the back of my phone in front of a fan

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Well after a few hours of Scenic, IF crashed, any other ideas?

Are you on an apple?

If you use apple, tail camera pointed to the sky.

Are you on iOS or Android? If you are on iOS, do as your friend suggested by switching the camera to the ATC view or any of these. By switching your camera to either of those views, your app will no longer download scenery which is what is causing the app to crash on long-haul flights. When you’re close to your destination, you can switch back to your preferred view for landing. If you’re on Android, follow these steps outlined in the Support FAQ:


Some more practical tips, always set multiple alarms! I once went about 5000km too far…

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IOS here and never crashed and here’s what I use

-Phone on a stand so it can keep cool
-Medium graphics/settings
-Low ish brightness,
-Stare at sky

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