Overnight crash

Hi. I was doing an overnight flight from Dubai to São Paulo, which is ~15 hour of flight time. I was flying a 777-200 and had put 17.5 hours of fuel onboard, so fuel wasn’t an issue. I took off and got to FL380 and everything was fine, with my fuel remaining being adequate for the flight and everything was looking good. I left to go to sleep (knowing when to wake up and come back to check on the flight) and I had crashed with 358 violations when I went to check. I’m not sure what happened as everything was set up perfectly (nav, speed, trim, altitude…), so I was very confused. Before I left it looked like everything would be fine. This is a real shame because I really enjoy this game and have over 200 hours of flight time, and previously only 9 violations. Please let me know if there is anything I can do. Thanks.

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First of all make sure you don’t crash :)
It’s a known bug, so please update IF.
I loop in @schyllberg

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What does your log book state for the violations?

@Sacha - as @Lars mentions, the 18.6 update came with a bug causing the violations to continue to count up beyond the set limit of 6 violations per flight. Make sure you update to the most recent version which fixes this issue.

Regarding your violations, we’ll handle them. What is your most recent callsign and display name?

My logbook says now that I have 392 violations

Yeh - there wasn’t any reason for the crash so I’m confused as to how it happened. If I update IF, surely my stats will carry over?

My most recent call sign was ‘Emirates 141’ and my display name is ‘Sacha Holt’. Thank you so much for helping me with this.

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So, please make sure you update the app now :)

Ok - will do😀