Overnight at gate?

So i have done 10 landings in 3 days without closing app and have left my aircraft at gate overnight …. Does anyone else do this ? Should i not do this? Most airports i leave aircraft at are not busy


Probably not…I doubt your device is happy about that. Not a tech expert but running IF for 3 days straight does not sound great


If that’s your preference, you’re more than welcome to hang out at a gate overnight. Even if it were to be the hub airport on the ATC schedule, controllers aren’t going to bother you (nor should they).


You battery life will decrease a lot and fast. Not in like 3 days. But your phone will live couple years less


I personally would get annoyed if someone is using a gate and they are just going to stay at that gate for hours (unless you are planespotting then you should spawn in a smaller GA gate and park at the GA apron). You are just wasting an extra gate for a plane and you are just taking it up for hours on end. I like to be realistic whenever I fly and I use real-world gates. What if someone wants to use the real-world gate but they can’t because a pilot is just sitting at it for hours and they are not departing? That is my take on that but you do you. It is probably best to end each flight after you park at the gate so that your device doesn’t overstress itself. Infinite Flight can easily overstress your device and if you don’t give your device a break, your device is likely to break earlier.


You know, you could just park at a different gate. I understand the realism you are trying to create, but IRL gates get switched all the time. In fact, when I was flying the other day from SAT-MIA the gate got switched while we were taxiing on the ground in Miami. It happens IRL, so what’s the problem with doing it in IF?

Besides, what are the odds that someone who is doing something like this chooses the exact gate you want to use?


Im thinking ill just park at hanger or a spot off the gate when i leave aircraft overnight, especially if i end my legs at a busy airport …. I was just wondering if anyone else also does this type of simulating? The device i use is an ipad pro with m2 chip which should handle way more than just infinite flight

I haven’t heard of anyone else doing it.

To help your device in the long run I recommend just ending each flight because keeping it in the game 24/7 will cause your device to break earlier than it normally would.


May I ask why you stay at the gate?

Recent legs


I always fly southwest and follow live routes been doing 3-5 legs a day …. And i dont see why end it to open it right back up after a leg and seems more realistic some one else parking at a southwest terminal with jets already there

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You could arrive at the gate close the game then reopen when ready for the next flight at the same gate more realistic since planes do close the radars between flights they never have a flight path like this

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And iPad Pro with m2 or nasa computer leaving it doing nothing is called a waste of time and resources

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I do this all the time and love doing it on n a weekend. I think it’s nice to leave traffic for other players when I’m sleeping.

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Personally, I wouldn’t take up a gate/jetway. But I think a hangar or something like that would be acceptable. I would check with IFATC to make sure that’s allowed, though.

It’s really not needed. In real life you’d never see multiple legs in one flight.

Tell that to SouthWest. 😂

They have planes to do 7 or 8 flights day.

Yeah I think the same. For me it’s nice to see other people parked at the gate. Makes it look more realistic in my opinion


What I did once and I quite liked it is spawn at the maintenance/storage facility of the airport, taxi to the gate, depart, land and taxi to the gate, and when you’re done with unloading, taxi to a remote stand/maintenance/storage.

This is something that is done IRL. And I think it is fun to taxi from gate to fate.

I’d say you can stay at the gate for 2 hours before departing again, and if you plan on leaving it overnight you could taxi to a remote stand.

Or simply sitting at the gate without jetbridge is something you can do, as a controller as long as you’re not on my frequency (to avoid having an additional useless strip on the screen) I’ll be fine with it.


I think that is totaly fine.