Overnight Aircraft Crash

Hello Everybody! I was recently flying an overnight flight from EHAM to KLAX, and when I woke up, my plane crashed. I don’t know what happend because I know I had enough fuel, I had autopilot NAV on etc. So when I ended my flight I was grade 1 with 224 violations! So I just wanted to know what you guys thinked happend and why I have 224 violations now.

Hello, sorry to hear that

You never mentioned speed. What was your speed

Also did the winds factor in?

Many people have had the same issue and I believe this is a known issue

Thanks for letting us know! This is a known issue for Infinite Flight. It was released in a hotfix for 18.6

Just Contact a mod with your data and they will be removed

Looping in @schyllberg. It’s normal that you receive 6 violations, but this is too much. Next time make sure you don’t crash.

I was asleep, but my cruising speed was around 260-262 kts

I’m not sure, they were pretty calm after I passed over Iceland but they must of gotten bad over the arctic.

Ohh that sucks sorry to hear. Maybe we can help you if you can tell us your speed and the winds

When a mod comes on here, give him your username and Callsign, they should be able to tell you what happened.

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How many violations did you have before all this happened, and when you woke up did you find your cell phone written that you had an accident? (crash)

My speed was around 260-262 Kts as I mentioned previously, which was about 12 knots under the “allowed speed.” The winds were calm but they must have gotten really strong later into the flight.

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What altitude were you at?

I’m not really sure, I know I didn’t have a lot at all, but now I checked and I received 228 from my flight.

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Flight level 380

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Mach Speed?

It was .88 the last time I checked

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Bingo! Thats the problem

This is a known bug where you should have stopped receiving violations at 6 but it keeps going.

Update: @LitFam69 the violations have been removed, please restart your app.

In the mean time, please check your app store for an Infinite Flight update that was pushed. There was a hotfix that was pushed to both app stores to keep this from happening. So far the ones we have seen this happen on have not applied the update.