Overload Crash

Hello, IFC.

Yesterday, I was flying from ENGM to SBGL. My flight was going smoothly, until I began descending. Whenever I would make several configurations, Infinite Flight would begin to freeze and glitch. By the time I began my approach line, and about 7.2 NM out from the runway, I made four configurations within a five-second time span, and the game crashed. I recreated this with seven different aircraft, and had the same results every single time. I lost 11 hours and 55 minutes of flight time. I have the latest version of Infinite Flight and iOS, everything is up to date.

Aircraft used for testing:
Boeing 787-9 (original crash)
Airbus A320
Airbus A340
McDonnell Douglas MD-11
Boeing 757
Embraer E190

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What device are you using and what have you already tried to solve the issue?

I’m using an iPhone 6S. Latest iOS, latest IF. At this time, I’m not sure what I can do to attempt to solve the issue.

This is loaded to the servers throughout the flight, not just at the conclusion, so that time isn’t lost.


I have an iPhone 6s I use for IF too and have no problems. Every month I shut my device all the way off then back on again. Every 3-4 months I save my things to iCloud and do a factory reset. Both of these methods clear up space in your storage and RAM memory allowing better performance on your device. If that doesnt work, try uninstalling IF and reinstalling, or lower your graphics settings. You can also turn on “limit frames per second”. This will also keep your phone running cooler and help prevent crashes.

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