Overload control!

Hi all!
My 2nd post in IF:)

I have a question - I love the idea of being in the tower, and sometimes if I get a chance to jump onto a busy tower I honestly feel overwhelmed.
Now, I’m not a slow person, but still - I sometimes feel like the queue is just too large / I can’t seem to find planes I’ve communicated with before properly or it just gets too messy.
Both for tower and approach.

Any tips? tutorials etc?


Visit this link, there is a full ATC thread buddy.

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Hey @Adamd,

I know how it is to be controlling Tower/Approach for example at EGLL with over 15 planes requesting take off clearance, radar vectors, etc… Best tip is to start from non busy airports. Then, after you have gained experience and have practised a lot, you just have to make a plan before controlling. Personally, before I open a radar frequency, I always check the traffic flow, airport charts (very useful for big airports with terrain), and always communicate with the other controller. Now, I know that on the Training Server its not easy to get in contact with the Tower/Ground/Approach controller. But, if one day you, you manage to open somewhere with some good traffic and with someone that you will be able to communicate, I am sure it will be much easier. Take as an example the FNF’s on expert, where 100 of planes are inbound, where many planes requesting taxi clearance. Therefore, by communicating we manage to cross airplanes from an active runway to the gate with safety, we manage not to let two planes collide with each other, etc…

I agree with you on this part. Sometimes, its hard for me too to locate the plane I have communicated with minutes before. But, there is always a solution. On the bottom right corner, you can find the messages you have sent, both you and the pilots. Or, you can utilize the Flight Progress Strip and check for example, which plane you have cleared for landing (The plane will appear green on your ATC map)

Also, you can visit the Infinite Flight Youtube page or browse through the #tutorials:atc category where our ATC Manager has uploaded useful tips and tutorials regarding ATC. Best of luck and don’t let anything get you down. Practise, visit some tutorials and you will improve 🙂

Best regards,


Adding on to what Thomas said, you can tap on a plane and select “Other Messages” to communicate with them, instead of finding their flight strips - I find this helpful in busy airports. Good luck!


Thank you for the detailed response! much appreciated!

By communicating with other controllers - how is that done?
I will definitely try practicing in a smaller airport!

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Thanks @TenMileJones! I will look it up!

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For example, if you know who the other controller is, you can contact him here directly and coordinate. But that’s something that won’t occur very often because many pilots are not members of this community.

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Good points there and yes, it can get busy, both on Training Server as well as on Expert. Humans have an amazing skill to learn and to develop a routine in new things. Learning a language, learning to ride a bike, are just a few of them. And with Air Traffic Controlling I’ve found it works very much the same. At first you struggle to know the rules and what the best instruction to give. But over time a part of your brain gets reprogrammed and you start getting a feel for things. You learn to think in it. The trick is: keep doing it and build your routine. And be wise about what you open and how many frequencies you open.

Keep going. You will get there.


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