Overlapping & misplaced ground service vehicles

This picture is at Jackson Hole (KJAC)

You can see that the new service vehicles are in the same space as the static ones. I think this would just be an easy fix to just delete the static ones out.

Additionally, you can see that on the 757, there is 1 airstair at the front, usually there would be 2, one at L2 and one at L4.

For the baggage handlers, both should be the small ones, the big ones are really only seen on wide bodies. This issue is on multiple aircraft other than the 757. On smaller planes like the 737, there should be a small one in the front and back of the plane. This can be seen below on this A321 in Atlanta.

That being said the update is amazing, no complaints just suggestions that would increase realism. Thanks!!

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I totally agree with everything you said on another note on most aircraft the catering trucks will either go to the front or go to the front and back not just the back really depends on the airline and the aircraft though

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Speaking to some of the points made about the placement of the moving ground services connecting to doors. This will all be universal for all aircraft for the time being so both wide bodies and narrow bodies will receive the same ground service setup. Hopefully in future iterations changes will be made so we can assign ground services to the doors we want them to go too.

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I sure hope so that way we could change the set up based on the airline like if I was flying Ryanair I could put two stairs trucks on the front and back doors or different set ups for different airlines that would be really awesome


Hey, all airports are going to be corrected to avoid this very issue, sorry for the inconvenience.

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