Overlapping jetbridge at EIDW

So, I was parked at EIDW and when I connected the jet bridges, this happened:

Device: IPad Mini 5
OS: IOS 15.3.1


This appears to just be a bug that should be fixed in a future update. Try loading in or parking at a different gate.

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Hey, what gate is this happening at?

Happening at gate 313C

Thanks for the report, @NickGameplays1! This issue has been reported and will hopefully be addressed in the next update.

Luca knows best. 👇

It seems this issue was fixed in the last major update, 22.1. Can you check if you’re on the latest version of the app?


I am on the new version ;-;

Which version is that?

The most recent one

If you spawn in again, does it happen? If so, could you please go to Settings > About and then send over the Infinite Flight version number located at the top of the screen?


If this helps, I spawned in on the same gate. Seems this problem was fixed.

App is already updated to 22.01


I wasn’t able to reproduce this either. You’re game is not updated.

This made no sense so I looked into it a bit more. First off, animated jet bridges came in 22.1, so there is no way the issue was fixed in that update. No fix came for EIDW after that major update either. @NickGameplays1 must at least be on 22.1, otherwise his jet bridges wouldn’t move at all.

With this in mind, I checked the jet bridge that was crossing over and it is in fact assigned to Gate 313C. While this is the case (and will be fixed), it is odd that none of us were able to see the issue on our ends. One of the hotfix fixes in 22.1.01 was crossing jet bridges. The issue usually came up when two jet bridges assigned to the same gate docked at the wrong doors of a two-door docking aircraft. An example of that issue can be found here. It seems it also fixed issues such as this one.

So, I downgraded my app to 22.1 (pre-hotfix) and positioned my aircraft a bit past the stop marks as in your screenshot. Sure enough, the wrong jet bridge docked and I had two crossed jet bridges, just like you. Investigation concluded, you’ve got to be on 22.1 instead of 22.1.01. Check your device’s app store for the update and the issue should be fixed for you in no time. Thank you!


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