Overjoyed with 22.2

Hello All.Today 22.2 has been released,and something which I have been waiting for since A very long time has been released!
Yes,it’s Abu Dhabi International Airport the Hub of my favourite VA @Etihad_Virtual
I’ve been waiting for this,ever since 21.1 and now it’s finally here!
Here are some 4K pics that I got in the capital of UAE

  1. Etihad Airways ruling Abu Dhabi (with A B77W departure in the background)

  1. What’s that humongous structure in the background?

  2. Ooh Yes,it’s the absolutely stunning ATC Tower!

An Aerial Shot of the brand new MidField Terminal
This I believe is the largest terminal in terms of height in IF

  1. here’s A bonus shot of the brand new PushBack tugs!

Hope You All liked
my pictures!!
@jasonrosewell @Cameron I never tag IF staff,but I just wanted to say thank you today,to the staff and the developers for this amazing addition! I’m truly overjoyed!😄😍


Great pics!


Glad to hear it from the CEO herself,Thank You!! 😄


This thing looks like nothing short of a sci-fi movie


Idk why but the tower looks so trippy. Amazing photos. Can’t wait till I start flying around!

whats new in 22.2?

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Check out Infinite Flight 22.2 @phoenix006


I think the height of the new terminal building is too high, but good job for the airport 3D volunteer to add the etihad hub 👍🏽

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It might be a little high


I totally agree! 💯

Lovely pictures! Thanks for the share! 🙌

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Thank You!😃

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A lot of things! You can check the blog!

I don’t know if this is a little off topic but is it just me or does the tower kinda look like a Banana BTW Great Pics!!

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Might be,I’ve been to Abu Dhabi in 2019 when it was being constructed,it might be A little higher,but I don’t wanna complain about this at all,as it looks AMAZING regardless,I had been waiting for it since A loooongg time!

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Thank You! Glad to see that you like them!😄