does anyone know how to stop my device from overheating i’m on route from bangkok to dubai and it’s hot


Turning the brightness and the volume all the way down is one way to try and stop it overheating.

What device is it by the way?


it’s an ipad

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Yeah then turn the brightness down and the volume too. And make sure it’s in a cooler environment away from direct sunlight

If you can plug it in to charge, nothing like it - it’ll give you some battery too!


Usually if you’re away (more than 5 minutes inactivity), it will turn automatically into “long flight mode” and this reduces the frame rate a lot, so should help avoid the device from overheating :) Otherwise, reducing brightness will help indeed.

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it’s on charge at the moment i had my curtains open, so i just shut them

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go settings -> general 《scroll down》enable low power mode

or settings -> graphics {set all to low and turn off anti-aliasing and enable limit FPS}

This will reduce hardware load.

IF says to avoid using the system low-power mode as it can reduce performance on the app (phone got paranoia or something lol)
recommended to use the IF low-power mode

do this when cruising.

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Or try to change your graphics settings to low and anti-aliasing off.

I do that every time

i think its kinda hard to give all these instructions without knowing what device it is. All iPads are different.

It could be from 8 years ago or a few months old. Those above still apply but i could be more helpful if we could have a bit more detail about ur device.

I actually have an ipad pro (2020) it is so op lol

Surprised no-one mentioned this, but make sure the back is exposed. This is where most of the cooling happens, so taking it out of the case and making sure there is a bit of distance between it and the ground (bedsheets wouldn’t work, but a flat table would) can make a lot of difference.


To add onto what Alexander said, if you’re going a while without using the device (like sleeping on an overnight) I’d actually leave the back open to fresh air. Putting it on a heat conducting surface works well in the short run, however in the long run leave the back face up and exposed as it will continually ventilate fresh air over the device.

Apple devices are designed to vent out the back, terrible design, right? But because of this you just need to make adjustments. Enjoy your day!

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For my device (Samsung Tab6) its often enough to set the in game time on,night’’ and to enter the cockpit view. This way not all the outside environment has to be loaded all the time. 😉

I do that with all my long hauls. In the Summer I have a fan in my room and I just have the fan help cool down the room, and the device. If you have a small fan, that could definitely help. Just keep the back exposed, and have the fan blowing on it.

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I’d usually just turn down my brightness and volume all the way down and disable anti aliasing and just keep my graphics on high and it’s perfectly fine like the battery won’t get hot it’ll be fine as if the device is off so you could do that since that’s what I do for all my flights.

Turn on FPS limiter. Higher FPS makes my device rlly hot

@Lewis_Ryan Are you getting a warning that it is overheating, or is it just getting very warm?

I usually turn my screen brightness down and turn off anti aliasing… hope it helps!

If you turn the graphics to the lowest setting, aircraft count and turn everything to the minimum and brightness down. It does not only decrease the over heating but helps increase the speed your device charges.
I hope this helps!

I do this and there is absolutely no heat…it is just as if the device isn’t turned on.